Introduction to System Nine

We are a company uniting professionals and experts in various specializations with the aim to provide Information Technology services for enterprise customers as well as household individuals. Thanks to many years of experience both nationally and internationally we are able to deliver simple and economical solutions. We don't only focus on collecting data but also their processing and optimization. Our projects are comprehensive from the design to the actual implementation. We make sure that everything we supply is of the highest quality and implemented with precision. We value our customers and we perceive them as partners for long-term cooperation.

"We understand your needs. We understand your wishes. We are making them real."

Still something happens

Measuring in the KOMA Modular

We help to solve the identification of the ideal way of avoiding undersirable humidity by the sensory measurement in the construction of residential modules for the KOMA MODULAR company in Zlín. The continual measurement from KOMA MODULAR side proves responsible approach to customer needs.


We have prepared a practical demonstration of our Kizzi IoT platform for guests of Intelis company. The main goal was to show how easy is use the optical senzor for car detection in the RC racing tack. Final results with information about top speed and lap fastest time were displayed for all competitors in the Best Driver chart.

IoT study
Prague 17

We are creating a concept for making Internet a part of future city development. The document describes the subject of the Smart city in compliance with the requirement for life quality improvement in Prague 17. The main points of interest are parking, air pollution and checking the emission limits for monitored quantities.

The new version of IoT Gateway

We have developed a new version of our IoT Gateway module, which serves for communication between individual sensors and sends measured figures through a secured encrypted channel to the servers. We have focused on an easy installation at our customers location and a simple connection of the sensors.

We are creating a reliable Ecosystem


We are making the world smarter together!

Just like in nature, our systems have been designed as a functional system of various components which are connected, transfer information, influence each other and evolve in a comprehensive and “living” complex.

The System Nine company offers a solution to a wide spectrum of customers. We cover enterprise customers with high demands and individual approach requirements as well as individuals looking for simple and fast installations.